praetorian guard

praetorian guard
A seasoned unit of the Roman army (Phil. 1:13; perhaps also Phil. 4:22).

Dictionary of the Bible.

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  • Praetorian Guard — The Praetorian Guard (Latin: PRÆTORIANI) was a special force of guards used by Roman Emperors. Before being appropriated for the use of the Emperors personal guards, the title was used for the guards of Roman generals, at least since the rise to… …   Wikipedia

  • Praetorian Guard — noun 1. a member of the Praetorian Guard • Syn: ↑Praetorian • Hypernyms: ↑bodyguard, ↑escort 2. the elite bodyguard of a Roman Emperor in ancient Rome • Hypernyms: ↑bodyguard …   Useful english dictionary

  • Praetorian Guard — Rom. Hist. the bodyguard of a military commander, esp. the imperial guard stationed in Rome. * * * (Latin, cohors praetoria) Household troops of the Roman emperors. In the 2nd century BC they were bodyguards for Roman generals, their name taken… …   Universalium

  • praetorian guard — [[t]prɪtɔ͟ːriən gɑ͟ː(r)d[/t]] N SING COLL You can use praetorian guard to refer to a group of people who are close associates and loyal supporters of someone important. [FORMAL] …   English dictionary

  • Praetorian Guard — Praeto′rian Guard′ n. anh the bodyguard of a military commander of ancient Rome, esp. the bodyguard of the emperor …   From formal English to slang

  • Praetorian Guard — /prətɔriən ˈgad/ (say pruhtawreeuhn gahd) noun Roman History the bodyguard of a Roman military commander, especially the imperial guard in Rome …  

  • praetorian guard — noun (in ancient Rome) the bodyguard of the emperor …   English new terms dictionary

  • Praetorian prefect — (Latin Praefectus praetorio ) was the constant title of a high office in the Roman state that changed fundamentally in nature.The praetorian prefect was commander of the Praetorian Guard until Constantine abolished the guard in 314. Praetorian… …   Wikipedia

  • praetorian — [prē tôr′ē ən] adj. 1. of a praetor 2. [often P ] designating, of, or like the bodyguard (Praetorian Guard) of a Roman commander or emperor n. 1. a man with the rank of a praetor, or an ex praetor 2. [often P ] a member of the Praetorian Guard …   English World dictionary

  • Praetorian — may mean: *Praetorian Guard, a special force of skilled and celebrated warriors used by Roman Emperors. *Praetorian Building, one of the first high rise buildings to be constructed in Dallas, Texas . *Praetorians (game), a 2003 real time strategy …   Wikipedia

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